A LIttle Mo Love

A Little Mo Love

(Brenda Burns)
Heavenly choir: Chris
Piano, B-3: Danny Levin
Electric rhythm guitar: Chris
Bass:  Tony Garnier
Drums: James Gwyn
Horns: Joey Colarusso

Written by Brenda Burns, this is a smart little bounce with clever wordplay and a cool groove.  I have demos of maybe fifty of Brenda’s songs that I’ve collected over the years.  It’s really hard for me to choose one of her tunes that I’d like to take into the studio, because it’s like opening a 40-pound box of See’s Candies: I’m slapped with an embarrassment of riches and I hardly know where to start.  When I listen without interruption to the skill of her songwriting I’m humbled and wonderstruck by her command of her art.  “A Little Mo’ Love” is a playful number that offsets some of the more sorrowful songs included on “Be Right Back!”, but I did not choose to include it for happy contrast.  I chose it because on the top it’s hopeful and underneath it’s manipulative, and that alone makes it valuable.  Turn it up and grab your dance partner!  ~ CO