Everything is Movin too fast

Everything Is Movin’ Too Fast

(Peggy Lee, Dave Barbour)
Piano, B-3: Danny Levin
Acoustic rhythm guitar: Chris
Electric guitar: Derek O’Brien
Bass: Tony Garnier
Drums: James Gwyn
Horns: Joey Colarusso

Although Dave Barbour and Peggy Lee had a relatively brief marriage, they managed to write together a string of hits that put Peggy out front of many of her peers in the business. I’ve always loved her voice because her delivery is so effortless and seductive that she could persuade a Congressman to embrace climate science.  Peggy practically invites another vocalist to expose herself to infectious insouciance and then turn around and infect others with it – shrewd marketing for any songwriter.  Forties swing is a rich vein to mine for songs that are intelligently written and fun to sing.  This is not my first visit to the Barbour/Lee party:  I cut another of their songs on a project for Tom Morrell, at his suggestion:  “I Don’t Know Enough About You”.  Pulling from Peggy Lee’s songbook and learning to sing from an emotional hammock sounds like a cool breeze but it’s really a strict discipline.  ~ CO