one more day

One More Day

(Bill Kirchen)
Piano: Danny Levin
Acoustic rhythm guitar: Chris
Fiddle: Paul Anastasio
Dobro: Cindy Cashdollar
Trombone: Jon Blondell
Pedal steel: Bobby Black
Bass: Tony Garnier
Drums: Kendrick Freeman
Cornet: Chris Saunders

Because Bill Kirchen is a Titan of the Telecaster and Dieselbilly Dandy, is he an underrated song writer? Does a one-legged duck do donuts? This song is Bill at his carney philosophy best. Bill may be a high volt rocker, but he comes out of folk music with a degree in Will Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, Fats Waller kind of one-liners that can kick you so hard on the shins you can only laugh. A telecaster master and fine lips whistler, Bill also plays a pretty fair slide trombone. So, as an inside tip of the hat to our old friend, we had to slip one of those in on this cut. (Also quite rightly, we put it in where I was ‘sposed to get a guitar solo!)