Sufferin with the Blues

Sufferin’ With the Blues

(Theodore Conyers, Lloyd Pemberton )
Piano, B-3: Danny Levin
Horns: Joey Colarusso
Electric guitar: Don Margraf
Bass: Cliff Hugo

Back when I was an upstart kid, Don “Sugarcane” Harris told me that the all time best blues singer was Little Willie John. I had only heard “Fever.” A lot of great singers did that one. I think I saw Elvis do it with just bass. It was huge for Peggy Lee. Still, no version came close to Little Willie John.

Blackie Farrell asked Chris to try “Sufferin’ with the Blues.” He’s wicked that way. Boy, she suffered with the blues, thinking about recording this. Little Willie John is one daunting act to follow! She dragged her feet and put it off till dead last. I thought for a while we were just gonna skip it. But when the stuff hit the fan and the red light went on, she nailed it faster than any song on the project. I think even Danny was amazed, and he’s been recording with her for decades.