when love was new

When Love Was New

(Brenda Burns)
Piano: Danny Levin
Accordion, percussion: Joel Guzman
Acoustic guitar: Don Margraf
Bass:  Tony Garnier
Drums: Kendrick Freeman
Percussion: Chris
Synth strings: Danny Levin
Cornet: Chris Saunders
Ghost vocals:  Chris

When we finished this I thought, if there’s anything remotely like a hit on the whole collection, it was this one. Should be in a movie track. It has such a Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield groove. An interesting challenge, songs with short lyric. Like Wichita Lineman, you have to do some fun stuff with the sounds and textures and rhythms and silence, to maneuver the mood around. I love this song because the lyric goes so dense on just one line. It floats along for awhile in just a corny sentimental daydream till you almost reach for Rod McKuen, and then boom she says she loves you just to hear you love her too. Now you’re out of Hallmark and into Hank! What’s going on here? Is it all me me me? Do you get the love you give? Now you have so many possibilities you don’t know who she is or what she’s really up to. Yet. And that stuff at the end, in the fade, is as close to scat as you’ll ever hear Chris go. Danny loved the accordion so much he wanted to let it just fade out with the piano, but I stomped around and reminded everybody it’s a vocal album! Let our singer in there. I still don’t know if he likes it . . . he was always great about indulging me!