The Band


don_margraf_bio_smDon Margraf, guitar: During the mid-1960s Don Margraf was the guitar player for the notorious East Bay pre-punk band, The Crabs.  The Crabs were billed locally and regionally with early northern California scene bands such as Milkwood, Sky Blue, Stained Glass, The Youngbloods, and the Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band.  Don later worked the Western honky tonk circuit and played concert stages for ten years as a singer/songwriter/guitar-playing hired gun, sharing stages with Ike, Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Rodriguez, Buddy Guy, and Van Morrison, among others.




lee_bloom_bio_smLee Bloom, piano: A San Francisco-based pianist, composer, arranger and producer, Lee Bloom has worked with a variety of creative artists in many genres including Madeleine Peyroux, Pete Escovedo, Hal Stein, Mary Stallings, Jonthan Poretz, Todd Phillips, Diane Witherspoon, Steve Heckman, Jamie Davis, Dan Hicks, among others. As pianist, Lee contributed to the forthcoming tribute recording to bluegrass icon Hazel Dickens, accompanying vocalists Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash and Madeleine Peyroux.

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Brandon Essex , double bass: got hooked on music at an early age. He began playing loud rock music in bars and clubs at the tender age of 15. Still in his teens, Brandon flipped for the double bass, joined a quartet and landed his first steady gigs. Soon after that, he actually started learning how to play. In recent years, he has prolonged this trend toward simplicity, and continued to search the dusty annals of music for the roots of the music he finds so compelling. Most chairs and cigarette machines agree that he can indeed play both quarter notes and half time, all while remaining standing on his own two feet for the entire evening.

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alex_bio_smAlex Aspinall, drums: A multi-faceted drummer who has performed and recorded with many great musicians including: Mel Graves, Randy Vincent, Tyler Blanton, Ken Cook,  Noam Lemish, The One World Band, Edo Castro, Erik Lindquist, Kathleen Grace, Shea Breaux Wells, Mimi Fox, Mel Martin, Lee Press On & the Nails, John Stowell, Smith Dobson, Rusty Evans, and The Gentry Bronson Band.

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